Friday, 31 January 2014

Principals Orientation Speech to First Year Students of Schools of Built Environment and Arts and Design

The Principals first year orientation speech to the Students of Schools of Built Environment and Arts and Design took place on the Wednesday, 24 January 2014 at Level 5 Lecture Hall, housed at the ADD building. Present during the functions were the Deans, Chairmen, Directors and Members of Staff from various Schools and Departments at UoN.
The importance of the  of orientation is to acquaint the new students on the university policies and procedures, help them adjust to the new university life as well as familiarize them with facilities and amenities available at the university such as laboratories, libraries welfare and many more.
During the speech, the Principal, Prof.  Eng. Prof. B.N.K. Njoroge welcomed and congratulated the new students for having being admitted to the two Schools for various degree programs being offered. He emphasized that that was a sign of how hard they had worked to achieve that milestone. He further urged the fresher’s to ensure that they maintained good discipline during their time at the university in order to finish their programmes smoothly. He further pointed out that Engineering courses were very demanding and needed very strict studying in order to succeed. He further warned the students of the need to keep of trouble while pursing their programs. He also urged them to join various club and student organizations such as Students Organization of Nairobi University Nairobi (SONU).

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