Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Members Education (NSSF Deductions) - ADD/SWA/UHS

ADD/SWA/University Health Services: Wednesday 9th July 2014 in Space 108 at ADD from 12.30 p.m. to 1.45 p.m.
The University Management will use the opportunity to sensitize the members of staff on the NEWLY INTRODUCED NSSF Act 2013 which is AFFECTING ALL THE EMPLOYEES in the University.

The Topics to be presented will be as follows:-

1. Updates from the Pension Scheme
2. Proposed Post Retirement Medical Scheme
3. Planning for Retirement/ Income Drawdown
4. The NSSF Act




BRIEF INTRODUCTION: Dr Ken Yeang is a prolific Malaysian architect and writer best known for developing environmental design solutions for high-rise buildings in the tropics.
LIFE AND CAREER: Dr. Ken Yeang was born 1948 in Penang,Malalysia.A Malaysian architect  and ecologist whose planning and designs have had the constancy of the theoretical framework of ecological and bioclimatic premises for almost 40 years. Beginning his architectural practice in l974, Yeang continues his research and designs by constantly interpreting his theoretical and technical work into actual designs, built projects and master plans around the world. In addition to a fulltime practice that encompasses large scale projects, skyscrapers, and ecomasterplanning, Yeang has been a prolific writer of books about ecodesign and a visiting scholar at universities in Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He apparently has a son called Max and lives in Mayfair.
Yeang attended Cheltenham College in Gloucestershire, England, received his first qualification in architecture from the Architectural Association in London, and received a PhD in ecological design from University of Cambridge (UK. His dissertation was entitled, "A Theoretical Framework for the Ecological Design and Planning of the Built Environment".
ARCHITECTURAL IMPACT: Ken Yeang has created outstanding designs throughout his 40 year professional career and continues his original and fresh approach to the forms and shapes of his buildings. If Yeang’s buildings were judged solely on their beauty, boldness, originality, and imagination, they would have, and already have, received critical acclaim and architectural awards. Yeang demonstrates that ecomimetically designed buildings necessarily establish a green aesthetic of their own. In a word, Yeang’s ecodesigns produce shapes that tantalize the imagination by their organic, “green and hairy” characteristics.
LIST OF PROJECTS: Yeang has designed over 200 projects since 1975. His key benchmark buildings and projects include:
  • The Roof Roof House - Kuala Lumpur (l985) - bioclimatic house that rethought the idea of bioclimatic responses to passive-mode low energy building design.
  • Menara Mesiniaga Tower - Selangor, Malaysia (l992)- bioclimatic tower that exemplifies Yeang’s key principles for the design of the bioclimatic skyscraper
  • Kowloon Waterfront Masterplan - Hong Kong (c. 1998) - green masterplan with the use of ecoinfrastructures and ecocells
  • National Library of Singapore (2005) - green accredited tower that received the Green Mark Platinum Award
  • Soma Masterplan - Banagalore, India (2006) - signature ecomasterplan that espouses the idea of the horizontal ecoinfeastructure (horizontally).

Friday, 27 June 2014


The University of Nairobi is privileged to host the 7th Federation of African University Sports (FASU) 2014, from 11th -18th July 2014, at UON grounds and Kasarani Stadium. These prestigious games brings together 16 African Countries whose Universities compete in Soccer, Basketball, Handball, Badminton, Volleyball, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis, Sitting Volleyball, American Football, Track and Field events and swimming.
These games are of enormous magnitude and require financial and political goodwill that will project Kenya as a pillar of sports in Africa. Kenya is a strong and highly respected sporting and tourist Nation in Africa. We need to tap into these components to stage remarkable games in Kenya in order to enhance and stamp our reputation on the continent. The College of Architecture and Engineering will be participating among the other colleges of the University of Nairobi.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Talk on the Relationship Between Planning and Real Estate and Property Management by Mr. Alfred Mwangi - Valuer in Private Practice on 23/4/2014

School of the Built Environment, ADD Space 201



Mr. Alfred Mwangi talks to 4th Year Urban & Regional Planning Students

Department of Architecture & Building Science awarded ''The Green Architect of the Year Award 2014"

The Dean, School of the Built Environment Prof. Tom Anyamba and Chairman Department of Architecture, Arch. Erastus Abonyo together with staff from the Department receive the award.

A visit to disability friendly libraries by CAE library staff

The Kenya Institute of Special Education Library

The College Libarian CAE organised a disability sensitization visit to various libraries in Nairobi county. These included Kenyattta University Library, Kenya Institute of special education Library and the Kenya National Library services. Disability mainstreaming is one of CAE's performance contract target. The picture shows the college Librarian ,Evelyn Anambo, admiring a disability standard ramp at the Kenya institute of special education library. The ramp is wide enough, it has a rough surface and a grip friendly rail.

A Talk on the Relationship Between Planning and Landscape Architecture by Ms Sylvia Mutua Mwongela on 23/4/2014

School of The Built Environment, ADD Space 201

 Ms. Slyvia Mutua talks to 4th year Urban & Regional Planning Students on how Planners are involved in the Projects and their relationship with other related professionals

Friday, 31 January 2014

Registration of First Years 2014/2015 Academic Year.

Day 1 registration for first years at ADD Building for the School of Built Environment and The School of the Arts & Design, a total of over 250 students were registered.

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Principals Orientation Speech to First Year Students of Schools of Built Environment and Arts and Design

The Principals first year orientation speech to the Students of Schools of Built Environment and Arts and Design took place on the Wednesday, 24 January 2014 at Level 5 Lecture Hall, housed at the ADD building. Present during the functions were the Deans, Chairmen, Directors and Members of Staff from various Schools and Departments at UoN.
The importance of the  of orientation is to acquaint the new students on the university policies and procedures, help them adjust to the new university life as well as familiarize them with facilities and amenities available at the university such as laboratories, libraries welfare and many more.
During the speech, the Principal, Prof.  Eng. Prof. B.N.K. Njoroge welcomed and congratulated the new students for having being admitted to the two Schools for various degree programs being offered. He emphasized that that was a sign of how hard they had worked to achieve that milestone. He further urged the fresher’s to ensure that they maintained good discipline during their time at the university in order to finish their programmes smoothly. He further pointed out that Engineering courses were very demanding and needed very strict studying in order to succeed. He further warned the students of the need to keep of trouble while pursing their programs. He also urged them to join various club and student organizations such as Students Organization of Nairobi University Nairobi (SONU).

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